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    Hit A Weightloss Plateau?

    August 09, 2023 3 min read

    Hit A Weightloss Plateau?

    Most people begin their fitness journey with the goal of losing weight and becoming healthier. However, after several weeks of successful dieting, the initial success of losing weight quickly has begun to slow and may have stopped entirely. You've most likely reached a plateau, which may be both unpleasant and disappointing, but it doesn't have to be that way.

    Weight loss plateaus are commonly caused by your body's metabolism adjusting to its new lower weight and calorie consumption. Because you're losing weight, your body has to move less mass, so it's not burning as many calories when you're active. Furthermore, the body is constantly striving for homeostasis. If your metabolism is consistently fed less calories than it requires, it will gradually downshift and burn less energy during the day in an effort to conserve energy.

    To keep these two factors from fully stopping your weight loss metamorphosis, you may wish to consider adding a thermogenic to your regime.

    Thermogenic 101

    Thermogenic supplements are dietary supplements that increase fat loss in the body by utilizing a concept known as thermogenesis. Simply put, thermogenesis is the generation of heat. Thermogenic substances boost heat production in the body, allowing body fat to be used as energy rather than fat. Thermogenic pills contain natural components that are intended to stimulate your metabolism and fat burning. Caffeine, green tea, Caloriburn GP, and other plant extracts are among the better thermogenic ingredients.

    When you think of thermogenics, you may have some specific brands or items in mind, but it all boils down to the actual component or ingredients that comprise the mix. Not all thermogenic products are created equal, as some contain anything from one single component to many (more than a handful). Caffeine, yohimbine, synephrine, green tea, garcinia cambogia, and Caloriburn GP are some of the most often utilized thermogenic substances. However, it should be noted that thermogenics do not work unless you do (they are not miracle products), and you must be in a caloric deficit to see results.

    If you regularly take a thermogenic but continue to eat garbage and lounge on the couch all day, the effects and outcomes will be restricted. Sure, you'll see a small difference on the scale, but the effects will be increased when combined with a healthy activity and eating regimen.

    In fact, studies have shown that using thermogenics during exercise to help you burn calories more efficiently raises your metabolic rate. With that being said, even when at rest, your metabolic rate will be raised, which is a positive thing. While the goal of thermogenic supplements is to increase body heat, eating has a thermic effect as well. Protein has the greatest thermic effect of any macronutrient and generates the most heat after a meal. That is why it is critical to integrate the three pillars stated above (exercise, nutrition, and supplements) to maximize your results and position yourself to burn body fat and enhance your total body composition.


    Thermogenesis is a continuous process that occurs in the body to generate heat as a result of normal energy generation. The majority of thermogenics' metabolism-boosting effects are mild and rely on the activation of hormones that temporarily increase our energy expenditure, so while they can help with weight reduction, they must be combined with food restriction and exercise to have the best benefits.

    The ability of thermogenics and most well-designed fat burners to modulate appetite makes dietary adherence easier while also helping to sustain our metabolic rate when dieting.

    Always speak with your health care practitioner before beginning any new supplements regimen.